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Property scams increase as a bogus mortgage company is discovered

Fraudsters are targeting the property market like never before.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority is reporting cases of solicitors firms being cloned by fraudsters just about every week.

And now the Financial Conduct Authority has just reported a case where a British-based mortgage and finance company has been cloned by fraudsters operating in Australia.

Welsh Tories want Stamp Duty cut – don't hold your breath

Welsh Conservatives have pledged to abolish Stamp Duty on all properties in Wales valued up to £250,000. This should be welcome news to anyone thinking of buying a home in the Principality.

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But it looks unlikely that a change will come into effect anytime soon. The Welsh Assembly has no powers at present to set its own Stamp Duty rates. In any case the Conservatives have few seats in the Assembly, which is controlled by Labour.

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