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Clinical Negligence

A clinical (medical) negligence solicitor is a legal professional who helps people claim financial compensation if they have suffered harm due to medical treatment or care provided by a healthcare professional, such as a doctor, nurse, or surgeon.

Clinical negligence solicitors work with their clients to investigate and establish the extent of the harm caused, including any physical, emotional, or financial losses suffered as a result.

Solicitors help their clients pursue a claim for compensation, either through negotiation with the healthcare provider or by taking the case to court. They work with medical experts and other professionals to build a strong case and ensure their clients receive the support and compensation they are entitled to.

Clinical negligence solicitors usually handle claims on a no win no fee basis.

How can the Good Solicitor Guide help?

Choosing the right medical negligence solicitor for your circumstances can be difficult. The Law Society operates a specialist scheme called the ' Clinical Negligence Accreditation Scheme'. The scheme is there to help and support victims of medical and clinical negligence and members of the scheme will have attained the highest levels of knowledge, skills and experience. The Good Solicitor Guide includes details on solicitor’s accreditation status.

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The Good Solicitor Guide can help you find an expert medical negligence solicitor near you, verify their credentials and read about the experiences of previous clients.

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