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Commercial property matters include development; acquisitions and disposals; construction; leasing and renting, all of which may often involve complex legal transactions.

With most commercial property transactions there are a number of individuals and organisations involved. Depending on the particular project these could include public or private sector land or property owners; funding bodies; private and public developers; construction companies; landlords; utility providers;  environmental and highways authorities

An expert solicitor will provide clear and practical advice to ensure that the multiple legal transactions are completed in order to achieve the specific objectives of the client.

Who may need legal advice?

Any individual or company considering any type of commercial property transaction, from a large multinational selling a building to a sole trader renewing the lease on the unit on an industrial estate, should appoint a solicitor to handle all the legal aspects of the undertaking.

This includes social housing bodies, residential and commercial property developers; public or private sector organisations; charities; retail and leisure companies; farmers and landowners.

What are the matters that a solicitor can advise on?

A solicitor will understand all the processes involved in a commercial property transaction whether acting on behalf of landlord or tenant; or buyer or seller; contractor or procurer or investor.

This may include:

  • The acquisition or sale of land or commercial property
  • Purchase or lease of new business premises
  • Acquisition of investment property for regeneration, whether single or multiple buildings or sites, or for residential or commercial use
  • Residential development, whether small sites or large scale property developments, and including the sales of plots on housing developments
  • Purchasing or selling businesses, including asset transfer
  • Negotiation of commercial leases
  • Property litigation and dispute resolution
  • Property portfolio management

What are the issues that might need to be considered?

Commercial property matters may involve examining potential risks and considering strategies to minimise these uncertainties. Legal agreements or warranties will be needed for any professional appointments, construction contracts and funding or secured lending.

Where organisations or individuals enter into joint ventures with associates or investors these must be placed on a legal footing.

This may include:

  • New company formation
  • Setting up partnership agreements
  • Creating joint venture agreements
  • Finance and investment options, including mezzanine finance and equity finance agreements

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