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Legal disputes come in many different forms, such as those with neighbours; with employers; over wills, debts or products and services; or between landlords and tenants. With the right legal advice and mediation, private disputes (between two private individuals, or between an individual and a company) can often be resolved to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

Is it necessary to go to court to resolve a dispute?

Sometimes a dispute may be resolved without going through the Courts. Mediation or arbitration may help to settle a conflict; or alternatively a matter may be settled out of Court through negotiation.

How can a solicitor help?

A solicitor’s expertise in a specific area of litigation may hasten a resolution in a cost-effective and practical manner; saving time, energy and heartache for the Litigant, whether corporate or individual.

Employing a solicitor may also help to avoid a dispute or, by identifying key issues at an early stage, help to bring the parties to an early mutual agreement.

Solicitors’ areas of expertise include resolving:

Consumer disputes over goods or services where the goods are faulty or services are poor, or where a product has been mis-sold. If the supplier ignores the complaint procedures and refuses to fix the product or issue a refund a solicitor can advise the best course of action to ensure a satisfactory resolution.

Contested wills, trusts and probate where beneficiaries or disappointed family members dispute the contents of a will.

Property disputes between landlords and tenants; either private or commercial, which include matters such as claims of disrepair; rent recovery; leaseholds; boundary agreements; planning arguments and recovery of property from squatters.

Employment disputes between employer and employee; where issues such as redundancy; discrimination; disciplinary procedures and family friendly regulations cause rifts in the workplace a specialist lawyer may guide either party through their employment rights in what can often be a very difficult situation.

Defamation or slander matters that damage an individual’s or company’s reputation may include claims made emails; on websites and in social media; articles published in magazines and newspapers; TV and radio broadcasts or advertising material. Individuals or businesses may be victims of slander (oral defamation) or libel (written defamation), or may be accused by another of making defamatory allegations.

Professional negligence where incorrect or poor advice from a professional such as an accountant or solicitor has led to losses, financial or otherwise.

Construction disputes for incomplete work, work not to agreed standards or within specified timescales; or where work has not been completed due to contractor insolvency.

Debt recovery for companies, organisations and individuals.

International disputes involving individuals or companies in other countries working to different laws. This may include overseas property disputes; relocated workers issues; faulty goods or services.

Whether you are looking to resolve a dispute with the help of professional legal advice, or are on the receiving end of a solicitor's letter, find a solicitor to help with your dispute today.

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