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Do I actually need a lawyer for an injury claim?

If you have suffered an ilness or injury and another person or company was to blame, you may be entitled to claim compensation.  Most people are aware of this although a suprising number choose not to pursue a claim.

Of those that do, the majority choose to instruct a solicitor to represent their interests.

It is possible to proceed with  claim without instructing an injury lawyer. However lawyers argue that you could end up accepting a much lower settlement than your case deserves.

Someone acting for the liable party (the Defendant in a claim) such as the insurance company might approach you with what seems like an attractive way of achieving a resolution. They may waive the requirement for a medical certificate and may offer a settlement figure immediately, without involving ‘expensive middlemen’ lawyers.

Understandably, this might appear to be the best option. Unfortunately, the reality is often the opposite.

Why is settling directly with an insurer not advisable?

It is not advisable to settle directly with an insurance company without a medical report or the input of a qualified solicitor. The settlement amount offered cannot be based on an accurate assessment of the claim’s worth without this knowledge. At best, it will be a rough estimate, and not usually in the Claimant;s favour.

If you get a medical report yourself, get one independently from an impartial medical practitioner, rather than from the Defendant’s insurer.

What are the advantages of a lawyer dealing with my claim?

A personal injury lawyer will have the experience to settle cases more effectively. Statistics show, lawyers can win around four times more for their clients than an insurer would otherwise settle for. This could potentially mean thousands of pounds more in compensation for the Claimant. 

A valid medical report of your injuries is needed to evaluate your claim. Without this, it is not possible to calculate your settlement amount fairly, or accurately. To be valid, a report by your GP is not sufficient. The report must come from an appropriately qualified medical expert. This expert may be called in Court to give their opinion on your case.

A personal injury lawyer will ensure you have a valid medical report. They will analyse it to calculate a compensation amount to present to a Court. If needed, they will call in expert testimony to support the claim. If the original report received is un-satisfactory, they can request a new one.

Can I get my settlement revised if it is too low?

Insurers are highly unlikely to revise a settlement amount once it has been accepted. Unfortunately, many Claimants find this out too late.

The best option is to engage a personal injury lawyer right from the start. This way, you are far more likely to win the maximum possible award for your injuries. 

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