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If you want to file a divorce petition or respond to one, a suitably qualified Keighley divorce solicitor can be an essential professional advisor in helping to safeguard your interests and assets. A Keighley lawyer can make sure that your matter is dealt with as professionally as possible, particularly where there are children involved. Legal fees will usually range from about £190 to £300 an hour - perhaps more. Some Keighley lawyers can be persuaded to work on a fixed quote basis. It is prudent to get a comparison of lawyers fees as possible - Click here to compare fees

Initiating a divorce

West Yorkshire courts will only deal with a divorce application in the event that certain conditions can be demonstrated which include; desertion of over two years.

To find more in depth information on how to begin a divorce with a Keighley solicitor, read our useful guide.

What you can do if you are named as the respondent in the petition for divorce?

Once a divorce petition has been drafted, the petition is sent by the Court, along with any accompanying documents, to the spouse of the person applying for a divorce. The recipient of the petition should seek their own legal advice when considering how to reply to the petition.

Are the Statements of Case correct?

It is vital that you check the petition's contents, regardless of whether it is a draft or otherwise. The details that need reviewing a largely simple, but the Statements of Case must be read through carefully. If you disagree with something in the petition, you can notify your spouse's lawyer of the correction. Alternatively, you can "defend" the petition by filing an Answer and Cross-Petition. Your legal representative can assist with the formal process of defending a petition if necessary.

What do you need to do as a respondent?

The respondent will receive an Acknowledge of Service document to fill out and return to the Court. The Acknowledgement of Service notifies the Court of the respondent's receipt and acceptance of the petition. If you do not agree with the reasons given for the divorce, you can opt to defend the case or ask for the petition to be corrected.

Divorce Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how much maintenance to pay?

The parents' income and the number of children are some of the factors considered when calculating maintenance payments. The Child Maintenance Service offer an online calculator to work out these payments.

What happens if one (or both) of us have assets overseas?

If an informal agreement cannot be reached, a UK Court decision can be very difficult to enforce in some countries, so the impact of this on foreign assets should be considered from the outset. Obtaining a divorce in another jurisdiction may be a more suitable choice.

Is it an option to get divorced without appointing a Upney solicitor ?

Yes, but most people seek legal advice.

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  • AWB Charlesworth LLP

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    12/16 North Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 3SE, England

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  • Williscroft and Co

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