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Whether you are seeking to apply for a divorce petition or respond to a petition filed by your partner, a qualified Yorkshire and the Humber divorce solicitor is an essential professional advisor in helping to protect your interests and assets. The right solicitor will be able to ensure that your circumstances are taken care of as expertly as it possibly can be, especially if there are any minors involved. Legal fees to file a divorce petition range from about £150 to £270 an hour excl VAT. You should compare as many UK solicitors legal fees as possible - Click to compare fees

Filing a divorce petition

The courts will accept a divorce application where certain criteria are met which include; an extramarital affair.

For more details on how to file for divorce with a Yorkshire and the Humber family lawyer, see this article.

How to respond to the divorce petition

As the respondent to a divorce petition, it is strongly recommended that you seek advice from a lawyer in Yorkshire and the Humber. Speaking to a solicitor will give you a better idea of your options and of what happens next.

What is a draft petition?

The Resolution Code of Conduct recommends that a respondent is sent a "draft" version of a divorce petition first. The draft version can then be discussed and agreed by both parties before a final version is filed with the Court. Sending out a draft version is not a legal requirement, and may not happen in all cases. The proceedings can proceed more easily, and at less cost, however, if an early agreement is reached.

What do you need to do as a respondent?

You will also receive an Acknowledge of Service document to complete, in addition to the petition itself. This notifies the Court of the respondent's receipt and acceptance of the petition. If you do not agree with the reasons given for the divorce, you can opt to defend the case or ask for the petition to be corrected.

Divorce FAQs

Should I move out of our home In the middle of the process can I still get back In ?

Yes you can.

Do we have to appear In court In person ?


How do I know how much maintenance to pay?

The parents' income and the number of children are some of the factors considered when calculating maintenance payments. The Child Maintenance Service offer an online calculator to work out these payments.

Can you get a divorce in a Civil Partnership?

The dissolution process is similar to a divorce, but adultery cannot be cited as a reason for the legal separation. Like the decree nisi and decree absolute awarded in a divorce, a civil partnership is dissolved with first a "conditional order", and then a "final order" six months later.

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