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Housing and Planning Law

A housing and planning Law solicitor deals with legal issues related to housing and planning, such as disputes between landlords and tenants, eviction proceedings, anti-social behaviour orders, homelessness, housing benefits, and planning applications.

Solicitors provide legal advice and representation to individuals, housing associations, local authorities, and other organisations involved in the housing and planning sectors. They assist clients in challenging decisions made by planning authorities, such as refusals of planning permission or enforcement action.

Housing and planning law solicitors may, for example:

  • Represent tenants in possession proceedings, eviction and homelessness cases
  • Obtain injunctions to prevent harassment or illegal eviction by landlords
  • Advise on rent arrears and housing benefit disputes
  • Help obtain social housing or to challenge a decision to refuse social housing
  • Advise on planning applications, enforcement action and appeals
  • Assist developers, landowners, local authorities, and other stakeholders with property development, planning agreements and infrastructure agreements
  • Advise on the interpretation and application of housing and planning law, including national and local policies and legislation

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