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How to get legal assistance for you and your loved ones moving to the UK

UK immigration law is complicated and for many it can be incomprehensible. The human factors surrounding immigration are highly emotional which make it even more difficult to deal with an apparently inflexible and uncaring system.

Immigration solicitors in the UK have never been busier with a general increase of people moving and working overseas. Immigration lawyers deal with people looking to enter and work or study in the UK as well as those looking to move to be with a family member or partner.

Immigration solicitors deal with a diverse range of issues including:

  • General applications to the UK Border Agency
  • Work visas and other visa applications
  • Visa expiry issues
  • Entry clearance
  • Asylum
  • Citizenship applications
  • Appeals
  • Applications to extend a stay in the UK
  • Applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • Skilled worker, investor ad graduate entry
  • Human Rights issues
  • EU National and family member issues
  • Litigation and representation at court or the Immigration tribunal
  • Entrepreneurs seeking enty under Tier 1,2,3 and 4 of the points entry system
  • Deportation
  • Naturalisation
  • Marriage visas

Often Immigration solicitors will work closely with fmily solicitors, especially where children are involved.

Many immigration solicitors also offer services to corporate clients which include general immigration advice for UK based organisations wishing to employ or sponsor individuals entering the UK or to enrol students.

Immigration solicitors also act for overseas clients and businesses wishing to enter the UK. Business immigration (business people, working in the UK under Tiers 1, 2 and 5 of the Points Based System)

Immigration legal experience

Immigration solicitors must have detailed knowledge and a working experience of all legislation relating to asylum, nationality and immigration. They also need an up to date understanding of the protocols and procedures adopted by the UK Border Agency.

The Law Society and the Immigration and Asylum Scheme

The Law Society operate an accreditation scheme covering all types of immigration and asylum work carried out by solicitors.

It is well worth checking with the Law Society here to see f your solicitor is a accredited by the scheme and i so what level of knowledge and experience they have. There are 3 levels - Level 1, Level 2 and Supervisor members.

Although membership is no obligatory for firms carrying out private client work, it offers some comfort that the firm you are thinking of instructing has taken immigration seriously and has met the stringent standards of competency.

How can the Good Solicitor Guide help with finding an immigration solicitor

Specialist experience is essential when seeking assistance with an immigration matter. There are thousands of solicitors offering services to individuals and businesses and The Good Solicitor Guide lists all of them along with their contact details, areas of specialism and feedback and reviews from previous clients.

2,550 immigration solicitors across the UK

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