Liberty, also known as Liberty Human Rights, is a UK-based non-profit organisation that works to promote and protect civil liberties and human rights. The organisation was founded in 1934 and has a long history of campaigning for human rights and civil liberties in the UK.

Submitted on 01-01-70

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Liberty can be helpful if you have a legal problem because they offer legal advice, support, and representation to individuals who have experienced human rights violations or are facing legal challenges related to their civil liberties.

Their experienced team of lawyers, solicitors and legal experts help with issues like freedom of speech, privacy, surveillance, discrimination, and access to justice.

It also carries out research and advocacy to promote human rights and civil liberties. The organisation raises awareness about human rights issues and it engages with policymakers and the public to promote change and protect individual rights.

Liberty's website contains a wealth of information on human rights issues, legal cases, and campaigns, as well as practical guidance on how to take action.

Liberty is a valuable resource for anyone who is facing legal challenges related to their civil liberties or human rights.

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