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Public law

A public law solicitor advises clients on the legal aspects of the relationship between individuals or organisations and the government or public authorities. They assist clients who are affected by decisions made by public authorities or who are seeking to challenge decisions made by public authorities.

Public law solicitors may be involved in cases related to human rights, immigration, judicial review, environmental law, education law, and other areas of law where the actions of public authorities are at issue.

For example, a public law solicitor may represent a client who has been unfairly denied a government benefit or service, or who has been subject to discrimination by a public authority. They may also advise clients on how to challenge decisions made by public authorities, such as planning decisions or regulatory actions. Additionally, public law solicitors may work with public authorities themselves, providing legal advice on compliance with laws and regulations.

Other examples of the work that public law solicitors do, include:

  • Advising public bodies, such as government agencies and local authorities, on the legality and fairness of their actions.
  • Representing individuals and organisations in judicial review proceedings, challenging the decisions and actions of public bodies and officials.
  • Advising on the legality and constitutionality of legislation and regulations
  • Advising on public procurement law
  • Advising on environmental law, including challenges to planning decisions
  • Representing individuals and groups in cases involving civil liberties and human rights, such as freedom of speech, protest, and assembly.
  • Advising on immigration and asylum law, including representing clients in judicial review proceedings challenging immigration decisions.

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