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Collingbourne Hennah Law LLP is a licensed legal practice which employs 5 qualified solicitors working in the firms Newport office. The firm helps people with different types of instruction, for example professional negligence, wills and residential conveyancing. Collingbourne Hennah Law LLP is regulated by the SRA (SRA ID: 534302) and is specially accredited in conveyancing and criminal litigation.


  • Advocacy
  • Clinical negligence
  • Commercial litigation
  • Conveyancing - residential
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Litigation - general
  • Personal injury
  • Professional negligence


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  • English


Collingbourne Hennah Law LLP


Impossible to contact and slow... We are currently buying a new build property and are currently 3 weeks over our exchange date. We appointed CH on August 14th and since then not once have I received a call from someone from the company. I always have to call them which mostly never works and takes about 20 tries. Our case has been reassigned 3 times without us knowing before hand or a reason why and not given contact details for the 2nd one. I noticed online our solicitor hadn't looked at our case since the 5th of October and it turns out when I called reception he was no longer with the company! That would have been useful information. A week our case has sat unassigned and nothing of value from the company. We are paying over £2,000 for this terrible service and no rush has been made to rectify the many complaints/emails I have sent to the company. We have sunk around £3000 into this new build with options and they want us to exchange by the end of the month and considering our case hasn't been assigned for over a week how is this going to happen? Also searches seem to take ungodly lengths of time with no detail to say why. Our estate agents are saying searches should only take between 7 - 14 days and that they have had clients (during covid) take this same time frame. However CH says on their website they can take around 3 - 6 weeks!! Bare in mind I haven't actually been told this by my solicitor since I can't contact them but only thought their FAQ on the website. And using "covid" as reason isn't good enough for Estate agents. We are at real risk losing our house and wasting £3,000 because of their service and lack of customer care. I am willing to rebuild this relationship with CH and would be more than happy to remove this bad review if this changes. but a lot needs to change. I have written a formal complaint to both Directors of the firm and I am awaiting a reply.

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Collingbourne Hennah Law LLP


Communication has been terrible through the process since May. Still only at 16% complete. I have our buyers and vendors chasing me on a weekly basis as neither of their solicitors can get hold of CH law. They take forever to answer emails, if they do at all. Phone calls are rarely returned, or have the call dropped. Would definitely not recommend. Would be looking to cancel the contract and make official complaints if the service doesn’t pick up. Already changed conveyancer to see if it gets any better, it hasn’t so far!

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Collingbourne Hennah Law LLP

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