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Quittance believes that empathy, professionalism and an uncompromising focus on results are all key parts of a first-class legal service. Above all, it is proactive, regular communication that makes the difference between a stressful experience and actually enjoying some peace of mind. We ensure that the expert solicitor panel delivers a proactive approach to communication, a high standard of customer service and a track record of success.

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The partnership has offices in London.

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Northdown House, 1-21 Northdown Street, London, N1 9BN, England


Name: Mark

Review: Informative and helpful

Name: Leanne

Review: very informative and saved us hours of research!

Name: admin


Name: I Watkins

Review: This is really useful for first time buyers

Name: CP

Review: Very helpful

Name: Andrew Chapman

Review: I am extremely grateful for the exceptional assistance I received. My case was complex and required a significant amount of time and attention. Throughout the process, I was consistently informed and provided with expert guidance. Any questions or concerns I had were thoroughly explained, and the pros and cons of each option were clearly presented, resulting in the best outcome for me. The final resolution of the case was a settlement that was satisfactory.

Name: Emma

Review: I recently used them for a transfer of equity on my flat and I couldn't be happier with the service I received. Mark was extremely efficient, knowledgeable and really paid attention to the finer details. Despite some unforeseen complications during the process (not Quittance’s fault), I felt confident that I was in safe hands throughout. A great service that I would definitely use again.

Name: Graham Vickers

Review: I chose to go with a solicitor through Quittance as I knew I would have an uphill battle to complete before the end of the free stamp duty period. I initially approached a few solicitors directly. All of them either told me I had no chance of completing my house purchase in time as they were “drowning” in work or they couldn’t take me on as a client at all. I spoke to Quittance who said they could refer me to a solicitor who would pull out all the stops to complete on time. Mark at Quittance told me that they were there to help if I needed it. Initially I thought the communication from the solicitor was a bit slow. I called Quittance who immediately contacted the solicitor and I got a full progress report. It turned out that things had progressed well, but the solicitor was communicating on a “triage basis” to help focus on workload which I understand. After a burst of activity at the start, suddenly going quiet made it seem like nothing was happening, but I now know it’s just that there was nothing to report at that time. Turns out conveyancing is a long process. Once the seller had sent all their documents over, things moved quickly and I was always updated before completing with two weeks to spare. Quittance and the solicitor they recommended got me the result that saved me thousands of pounds. I am very grateful for both of their efforts and can highly recommend them for conveyancing.

Name: Luke

Review: The two stars go to the courtesy in the telephone communication. The issue is this service provider does not really help to solve any problem between you and the contractor (the actual soliciting firm). My real case: I am suffering a huge delay in my case. For 6 weeks time, I tried to contact the solicitor herself, the assistant of that solicitor, the customer service team of that firm, the line manager of that branch. All the contacts were failed. Then, what is the actual support you can receive from Quittance- contacting the customer service team on behalf of you which led to the same outcome (no response and non of the staff in Quittance actually chasing things for you). I admit it is not all Quittance fault but it is also a fact that as a service provider this company does not provide further support. If you failed to communicate with your solicitor, neither can they.

Name: Justin Costello

Review: We have used Quittance for the first time in March 2021, I can say without any doubt I would use them again and again and have recommended Quittance to friends already. The service has been absolutely fantastic and seamless, our position is slightly different as the seller is overseas and I telephoned 10+ solicitors to facilitate the purchase. None of them could or even knew what involved using electronic identification, I phoned Quittance and electronic identification wasn’t even a discussion as it’s just what they do and do brilliantly, right from the get go and throughout Team Quittance have been brilliant all of them are engaging, helpful, energetic and cannot do enough to help you if another is tied up in a meeting and they call you back. Utterly brilliant thank you, Justin

Name: Jackie Holman

Review: I have used several solicitors over the years for buying and selling property and can highly recommend using Quittance. Given how much disruption there has been in the property market we were very worried that our purchase was going to fall through but the whole experience could not have been much easier. There were a few issues on the sellers side with missing gas and electrical certificates etc but the solicitor handled this so quickly I do not think it caused any delays whatsoever. We have had issues with previous firms where an issue like this could get bogged down in weeks of letters back and forth but we were very impressed with the level of communication generally. We have now exchanged on the purchase of our new home and really could not be more satisfied with the service.

Name: Jane Najair

Review: Very pleased with the service to date.



Name: Dan

Review: I feel mislead by the services. I signed up for a remortgage and transfer of equity service. I hadn't realised that all Quittance did was refer me to a solicitor and charge me a £150 insurance fee - this was not clear at all. I could have just gone directly to a solicitor - which I thought I was. Not only that, but the quote was wrong - even thought I double checked in writing and the solicitor ended up charging me more, unbelievably refusing to honour the original quote because Quittance had lazily used Ms as my pronoun (I'm a man), and the solicitor claimed the quote must have been for my wife and not me! So overall, an unclear service that needed up costing me more money.

Solicitor reply:

Name: Quittance Legal Services

Reply: We are very sorry to hear that you were charged more than the original quote. The fee you were quoted absolutely should be the fee you pay. There are very limited exceptions to this guarantee, specifically where the original quote is for a different service than the service a client ultimately requires, but your solicitor should have explained this to you in detail if applicable. Please could you contact me on 0800 612 0377 and we will take immediate action to resolve this. Josh, Customer Services Manager.

Name: Guangzhao Li

Review: I contacted Quittance recently for conveyancing of a property. Mr Charles Elu happened to takek up the matter. I would say Mr Elu gave me sound advice and guided me step by step patiently. Moreover, throughout the process, even over the phone, I could feel his consideration, competence, and pleasant personality. I'd like to recommend him to anybody and by inference I will most likely seek help from Quittace on legal matters in the future.

Name: Gordon Maclure

Review: Case went through in under 6 weeks. Communication was good with regular updates. Fees were reasonable. Will use again.

Name: Lukasz

Review: The lady I spoke to was very knowledeagble and friendly. My case just started so I am holding back a star. I will update once its finished

Name: G Edwards

Review: Everyone I dealt with at Quittance was very friendly and nothing was too much trouble. I would use them again.

Name: Joan Wright

Review: The service I received from Quittance was very friendly and professional. I would recommend them to others.

Name: Peter

Review: A good experience so far but still early days. Have given 4 stars as my claim has only just started.

Name: Paul Sutton

Review: Brilliant hiccup free experience. Reccomended.

Name: Mathew Bellamey

Review: Very quick, friendly and professional, got me through to a panel solicitor promptly to start my claim.

Name: Carol Hawkins

Review: Quittance dealt with my sale and purchase. They were very responsive and always called me straight back. The conveyancing solicitor was a “problem solver” (unlike some I have used in the past!). Super happy now we have moved. Many thanks to Quittance.

Name: David Jeffs

Review: They handled my road accident claim quickly and professionally and I was happy with the compensation I received.

Name: Mark Talbot

Review: Plain sailing throuoghout. Recommended.

Name: Caroline Hodge

Review: Malika was very helpful throughout the case. She was always easy to get hold of and kept me up dated regularly. I received solid advice and was happy with the outcome.

Name: Peter and Sarah Murray

Review: An absolutely cracking service from the whole team at Quittance. We picked up the keys today and are over the moon!

Name: Lisa

Review: Our conveyancer was very efficient, not to mention patient. Our on again, off again, on again sale dragged on as the buyer seemed to mistake the process for a game of hokey cokey. Emma did all she could to deal with the situation and in the end saved the day by meeting a sudden hurried deadline.

Name: Matt

Review: Quittance helped my with my making a claim following a car accident. I first dealt with Malika was very knowledgeable and she explained everything clearly. I was subsequently passed to the road accident department and so far they have been very responsive. I am giving 4 out of 5 as the case is not complete. If all goes well I will add a star.

Name: Mark Bowder

Review: Happy with the service and price. I would be happy to use them again if I ever need a solicitor in the future.

Name: James

Review: On the ball - got us a great result!

Name: Claire Cairncross

Review: Jordan was excellent and really helped me understand all my options. I am now pursuing the case with Quittance's solicitors and so far so good.

Name: Piers Thompson

Review: Always available, very patient and got the job done. Recommended.

Name: H Ditta

Review: I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone at Quittance for the excellent service I received

Name: Tom and Trish

Review: Happy with the service so far. The case tracker is very good.

Name: Jason Kirkwood

Review: I was knocked off my bike by a bus and although I was not seriously injured my ulna was fractured when my arm hit the curb. I wasn’t able to work at all for several weeks. Quittance and their solicitors were really helpful from the start and I felt like I was basically in control throughout and had a good idea of what compensation I would be getting. I have now received my final settlement, which was more or less what I was expecting. Dealing with Quittance was a positive experience at what was a really stressful time.

Name: Steve

Review: Quittance were very diligent in making sure my solicitor has an excellent track record. I received serious injuries from a car accident and I wanted a solicitor that specalises as I reckon this could help me win what I have been told is a difficult case. Losing the case is not an option for me and the outlook is looking very positive.

Name: Mr Murray-Cross

Review: Great company to deal with and very much in control throughout. We were very happy with the outcome of our case.

Name: Shelley

Review: I have been trying to call this company since 9am. Automated response busy with clients for over an hour. Really! Not a good start doesn’t really instill confidence for new clients

Solicitor reply:

Name: Quittance Legal Services

Reply: Dear Shelley, Thank you for notifying us. We have been having some issues with the phones this morning. These should now be resolved. Please contact client.services@quittance.co.uk with your details and we will call you back immediately. Yours sincerely, Quittance

Name: David Whittle

Review: Quittance is a very responsive company that treated me as though I was their only client. I would also thank my solicitor personally as she was not only very professional but also a very nice personal to do business with.

Name: Khalid Ali

Review: Very good service. The solicitor kept me informed and completed the process quickly.

Name: Michael

Review: Very helpful indeed and excellent value.

Name: Katia Labarr

Review: I consulted with a number of firms about my hospital claim, all of whom suggested that although my claim was valid, it was too much of an edge case for them. I was referred to Quittance who have been very helpful. I was allocated a solicitor who specialises in claims against the NHS and I am told that the prospects are good. Having initially thought that my claim was a lost cause, I am now much more hopeful. I would recommend Quittance to anyone wanting advice about medical negligence.

Name: Florence Boyd

Review: Friendly, supportive and professional

Name: Pardeep

Review: James was thoroughly professional throughout the process and I am extremely happy with the outcome. Based on my personal experience, I cannot recommend this company highly enough. First rate.

Name: Jane Lyle

Review: Very impressed with the way Quittance handled my claim. They were helpful, professional and I would definitely recommend them.

Name: George Wallace

Review: They got me in touch with Digby Brown because im in Scotland ty Q

Name: Tariq

Review: Their 15% success fee will make a very material difference to me. It is an absolute no brainer to recommend them.

Name: Jamie Neep

Review: They were helpful and understanding. They gave me an honest appraisal of my chances of winning. It feels like I am in good hands.

Solicitor reply:

Name: Quittance Personal Injury

Reply: Thank you for your feedback.


Review: Kind understanding and efficient . Would recommend their service .

Name: Frances Baker

Review: After having an injury from a trip fall I contacted the Quittance Personal Injury team. I have found the people who are dealing with my case to be friendly and helpful. So far I have been given an excellent service. I will be happy to give further feed back once my case has been finalised

Name: Elaine Liddle

Review: My telephone interview was handled with the utmost professionalism, by a member of your team who I found to be extremely kind, curteous and empathetic.

Name: David Fox

Review: solicitor is ok so far did not think there was such a thing as the good solicitor guid

Name: Saleen

Review: They were more competitive than the other company I spoke to. They seem to know what they are doing so I am hopeful that I will win my case.

Name: Carl

Review: Quittance have been very helpful from the start. My case has started with the solicitor, who is equally helpful and efficient. I feel like my case is in the best hands and I am very optimistic about the outcome.

Name: Mike Cheals

Review: Following an accident at my last job I have developed complications that have left me unable to work for the foreseeable future. I deliberated about making a claim for some time as I was made to feel as though 'accidents happen' by my last employer. I spoke to one or two solicitors, all of whom pointed out that making a claim would help me pay for treatment and just survive generally. Finally I spoke to Quittance who filled me with confidence and offered a much better deal than anyone else I spoke to. My claim has only just started but so far I feel like I am in good hands.

Name: Mittan

Review: They offered the best deal and were very thoughtful and considerate in the way they dealt with me and my mother.

Name: Daniel Morton

Review: I thought the service they provided was very good. I am hopeful that my claim will be successful.

Name: Leeanza Southcote

Review: They were very patient in explaining everything. We think we got a very good deal. We will see how things go but a very good start so far.

Name: Peter

Review: Very good service

Review score:

4.62 out of 5

60 reviews

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