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Sk Lloyds Solicitors is a solicitor firm that has 2 expert solicitors working in the firms sole Bury office. They assist clients with different kinds of work, e.g. litigation, commercial property and residential landlord and tenant. Sk Lloyds Solicitors is regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (ID: 623226).


  • Advocacy
  • Commercial property
  • Consumer
  • Immigration - nationality and citizenship
  • Landlord and tenant - residential
  • Litigation - general

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  • English


Sk Lloyds Solicitors


I found SK Lloyd’s very professional and efficient. They were able to draw a good result from my case and kept me informed at each stage of the process. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a good quality service.

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Sk Lloyds Solicitors


SERIOUSLY DISAPPOINTING SERVICE!! 'In my opinion', I received absolutely appalling treatment from this company, and feel compelled to share my dreadful experience in this review, so others may avoid causing themselves the headaches of having to deal with such incompetence. Despite promising that they are an up and coming company, S K Lloyds seem to be suffering more than a few 'teething troubles'. Their total lack of communication, 'after' the initial 'just sign-here on the dotted line' ...showed the true money grabbing intentions of this company. After being ignored on more than one occasion, I decided to take my claim elsewhere. It was only then did I have some response....S K Lloyds attempted to prosecute me claiming breach of contract... WHAT!!! All I can say about that is "thank goodness for justice"...we all went to court, and after all evidence had been reviewed, it was decided by the judge that S K Lloyds had not provided a sufficient service and that I had been quite within my rights to terminate my contract... RESULT! So if you require legal assistance in the Bury area, from a company who have your very best interest at heart, who keep you well informed throughout all aspects of your claim. It is my suggestion that you contact a reputable firm of solicitors and definitely not S K LLOYDS.

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1 out of 5

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Sk Lloyds Solicitors

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