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Nobody likes to think about making a will or what the legal process might be after the loss of a family member. All too often however this can leave a complicated mess for those left behind and all at a time of bereavement.

Many people believe that in the absence of a will, their estate will pass to their spouse or dependents by default. This is not the case however.

The fact is that making a will is the only way to ensure that the proceeds of your estate are handled in the way you want them to be.

Making the will is almost always a relatively straightforward process. Speaking to a specialist wills solicitor will ensure that the will is tightly drafted preventing it being contested in the future. A solicitor can also store your will and handle updates and iterations when your estate changes (e.g. if you move house) or you choose to modify it in any other way.


When someone dies their estate must be destroyed through the probate process. This process is handled by the executor named in the will (if there is a will) of by the court in the absence of a will.

The probate process is as follows:

  1. A grant is obtained from the probate registry
  2. The estate is administered
  3. Inheritance tax

This can be a complicated and difficult process. A probate solicitor can help the executor at what is likely to be a difficult emotional period.

How The Good Solicitor Guide can assist

Finding the right solicitor to help draft your will or assist with probate at a time of loss can be overwhelming. Additionally you will need to act quickly in a probate situation. The Good Solicitor Guide can help you identify solicitors willing to undertake wills and probate work, verify their credentials and read about the experiences of previous clients.

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