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Constructive Solicitor Reviews

The Good Solicitor Guide (GSG) was founded as a resource to help people and companies find the right legal service for their needs.

People seeking legal advice are typically in uncertain or stressful circumstances. The legal profession tends to be focussed on the delivery of technical advice but often it lags behind other sectors on perceived customer service. As a result, solicitor review sites tend to be a lightning rod for clients wanting, sometimes understandably, to vent about the service they have received.

It is our intention to provide a platform that delivers constructive solicitor feedback that helps:

  • potential clients to find the best solicitor for their needs
  • solicitors to understand what they are doing right and what they can do better.
  • facilitate the resolution of issues where clients are dissatisfied with the service they have received

The constructiveness of reviews submitted to the GSG are manually moderated. If the review is deemed to be helpful and/or constructive, whether positive or negative, then that review is published, subject to the criteria set out below. In practice this means that reviews typified by the ‘AVOID AVOID AVOID!!’ example tend not to pass moderation.

Please see our guide on writing a constructive solicitor review.

How to Submit a Review

If you are or have been a client of a solicitor and you meet the Reviewer Eligibility Criteria below, then you are entitled to leave a review on the GSG here.

You can use the search facility to find the solicitor you wish to review. If you cannot find the solicitor then please email your review to and we will add it for you.

Reviewer Eligibility Criteria

Please ensure that you meet the following criteria before posting a review on the GSG:

  • you are not an employee of the firm that you wish to review
  • you are not a competitor of the firm that you wish to review
  • you are not a relative or friend of the person you are reviewing
  • you have not received any inducement, financial or otherwise, as an incentive for posting a review
  • you intend to write a balanced, accurate and constructive account or comment on the service you have received
  • the review is not intended to mislead
  • you do not intend to write multiple (more than one) reviews about the same firm on the GSG unless you have received a completely separate service from the firm

Solicitor Right of Reply

Solicitors are able and encouraged to join the conversation and put across their point of view. It is our hope that the GSG helps facilitate a resolution in the event that clients are dissatisfied with the service they have received.

We are often contacted by clients whose issues have been resolved after subsequent contact from the solicitor. In these cases we would remove or modify the review in accordance with the client's wishes and the GSG review policy.

Solicitors are also encouraged acknowledge positive reviews.

How We Handle Reviews That Breach Our Guidelines

The GSG employs a number of processes with a view to identifying and removing reviews that breach our guidelines.

We are constantly working to enhance these processes. We acknowledge that no system is perfect however and would invite anyone wishing to report a review that may breach our guidelines. Such reports will be manually investigated and removed where appropriate.


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